Feel Better Now Course

Learn how to start feeling good, utilize the Law of Attraction in your favor, boost your creative momentum, and consistently raise your vibration.

Have you been wondering how you can begin to feel better every day?

Maybe you've heard me on my podcast, or followed me on social media, and wondered how I seem to consistently feel good and be in alignment? And you want the same thing for yourself.

Have you tried using the Law of Attraction in your life 
with little or inconsistent results?

Maybe you've been listening to Abraham Hicks, but you haven’t known how to incorporate their messages into your daily life, or get into the Receiving Mode.  

Perhaps you've been feeling good, but you want to supercharge your day and your work on creative projects and business by understanding how to work with the Law of Attraction in the most effective way possible?⠀

If any of these statements describe you, 
you are in the right place. Because this course
 is about teaching you ALL of those things.

In this course you will learn to:

In this course, I will guide you step by step though the process of building up a new daily vibrational practice. This vibrational practice will help you begin utilizing the Law of Attraction in your favor, as well as to begin harnessing the wonderful power of non-resisted thought.

You will learn simple, yet profound techniques, applied in particular, step by step ways, that will teach you how to begin raising your vibration to a feel-good place. For those who are new to this, you will move from feeling not so good to feeling better, and that will increase even more with practice even beyond the course.

For those who have experienced success with the Law of Attraction and applying Abraham Hick’s teachings to their lives, but are still not seeing the full results in terms of expanded momentum in their daily life, creative projects, work, and more, this course will help you, as well. Because in applying these teachings from an already good-feeling place, you’ll learn to amp up your vibration and start increasing the momentum even more.

This course is truly the culmination of my many years of study of energy, consciousness, Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more. These practices were designed to be done in a particular sequential order so that you can start to get a new vibrational foothold and then expand on that. This approach means that wherever you are, whether you’re new to these concepts, or you’re more experienced and are looking for enhancement and faster results in your life, this course will help you.

What's Included In This Course

16 Daily Videos

In each video I teach you how to understand the Law of Attraction in important new ways, how to build positive momentum, and how to address contrast and unwanted experiences. As part of each video, I share simple, yet profound energetic daily practices that sometimes we do together and other times I have you do independently to start changing your point of attraction and energetic habits.

16 Daily Reminders

A written recap of next steps from each daily video.

What Students Have Said About This Course

Thank you Michelle for yet another life changing course. What a tremendous gift during these challenging times to understand how empowered we are to create our own experience. Your ability to explain how to understand the Law of Attraction in a very practical and real world way is so helpful. It is a joy to wake up in the morning and be excited about the day I am going to create.

[To someone who is considering this course] I would say, it’s a no-brainer. You owe it to yourself to do it. Why would you not do it? Trust me on this. You really want this. You’re never going to regret it.

[This course is] an effortless way of feeling better. These activities just flowed. I never had this happen before for me. I tried doing Abraham Hicks’ processes, but they didn’t work like they did in this course. Everything just started to flow.

I used to effort,effort, effort. I used to look for connections. I used to try to make things happen. And now it’s complete ease. I can’t believe it. I don’t know where I would be [without the Feel Better Now course.]

Take it from a current student, it [this course] will blow you away. 

Today was magical. Bravo Michelle! 

Now I wake up in bliss and things just come to me. I don't have to kick-start things anymore. I don't have to overcome hurdles... I don't have to make anything happen. I know how to feel good. I understand how to do it. 

I had been listening to Abraham Hicks so much, but Michelle would mention something and explain it a different way and it just clicked. And so it went with the course, always something that was clarified or amplified, a different angle on it.

Wow! What a day!

Before both the Connecting Inward and the Feel Better Now Courses, I wasn’t in a good place. I was drinking, sleeping in, trying to distract myself, and keeping myself artificially busy. I was not content. I kept trying to make things happen… Now I’m amazed at how content I am. I have no need to effort or make anything happen in any way shape or form. It now just happens. Everything just feels good.

What Students Say About My Other Course & Podcasts 

I have followed many groups and listened to a lot of podcasts covering the Teaching of Abraham but no message resonates more with me than the insights of Michelle Waldo. Listening to her podcast is like listening to a longtime friend that gives you an update on her life. Doing so, she explains in detail how she came to certain conclusions - and the best part - she equally shares her learning experiences. It makes it so more tangible for me as I can rely perfectly upon the topics she covers... Bottom line: if you are looking at ways to learn how to apply the Teachings of Abraham in your daily life, this is the podcast that will help you along the way!" 

I have now completed the Connecting Inward course and am so, so so loving my space and Connecting Inwards sessions! I am excited to go into that space unlike regular meditation where I often felt like it "wasn't really doing much!" I am experiencing many thoughts, ideas and images that I look up the meaning of spiritually and find that my inner being is illuminating the best version of me!!! Great appreciation to this way of being and your teaching! 

I have had the most amazing journey with your Connecting Inward course. For many years I’d tried to make meditation work for me, but it always just seemed to stir my mind up like a busy hive of bees, rather than calming it down. Connecting Inward gives my inner awareness something to pay attention to, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy I found it to focus on my inner realm and receiving. I only had one session where I stayed in the quieting place and then repeated that lesson the next day, because my mind was too distracted. Every other time, I went to the connecting place and received marvelous messages from my Inner Being!

And the single most valuable lesson I learned with the course is the simplicity and purity of my Inner Being’s messages. She conveys whole realms of meaning and understanding with the simple sight of an animal or the sound of a brook rippling over rocks, or a gesture, or her posture, or a single word, or a pure feeling. I also read tarot cards, and the interpretation process feels very similar...the simplest images, words and meanings convey such pure knowing. For the past couple of years, tarot has been helping me cut through the static and interference of my busy, babbling mind...and Connecting Inward has helped me take receiving to an even higher level, so that now I can sense my inner guidance free of so much efforting and overthinking.

[I wrote previously about some other changes in my life...] Connecting Inward has helped me progress by leaps and bounds to be able to feel exceptionally good about that path, with no panic about finding a new job right away or doing stuff to push things into place. My Inner Being… assures me it will be really fun and we don’t have to do anything in a hurry, and I believe her.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the one thing I wanted most: happy peace of mind. I wish I could send you my whole journal from my time in the course...but as you can see from this email, I love words and my journal is quickly becoming book-length… Now that I can do Connecting Inward on my own, I want to be open to whatever feels best, and all the delightful surprises my inner being sends.

I cannot even begin to describe what a difference the course has made. In the past I was able to communicate with my Inner Being sporadically, but I knew that it could be so much more. The course was exactly what I had been asking for. It feels like it was the perfect thing that allowed everything to click into place. Anytime I think of something, I receive the answer very quickly. I truly feel like the course has made such a difference and I now have complete faith that my Inner Being is answering every question. Thank you so much for sharing the Connecting Inward process.

I cannot even begin to describe what a difference the course has made. In the past I was able to communicate with my Inner Being sporadically, but I knew that it could be so much more. The course was exactly what I had been asking for. It feels like it was the perfect thing that allowed everything to click into place. Anytime I think of something, I receive the answer very quickly. I truly feel like the course has made such a difference and I now have complete faith that my Inner Being is answering every question. Thank you so much for sharing the Connecting Inward process.

I cannot even begin to describe what a difference the course has made. In the past I was able to communicate with my Inner Being sporadically, but I knew that it could be so much more. The course was exactly what I had been asking for. It feels like it was the perfect thing that allowed everything to click into place. Anytime I think of something, I receive the answer very quickly. I truly feel like the course has made such a difference and I now have complete faith that my Inner Being is answering every question. Thank you so much for sharing the Connecting Inward process.

The Connecting Inward course spoke to me right away because I knew there had to be an easier way to meditate. Having tried to calm my mind as suggested by Abraham Hicks only provided mixed results. My thoughts usually kept on wandering anyway and then using effort to keep them in check proofed very frustrating. I was amazed by Michelle’s new revolutionary way of just following simple steps to reach that quiet state in such a natural and pleasant way. Too my amazement I then encountered my Inner Being in such an emotionally charged way, revealing not only an identity but also a name. What followed was a series of the most intimate encounters with my IB that just blew me away. Sensing its unconditional love enabled me trust it right away all the way. All this happened during the course in less than one month and now it it gets better and better every day! Thank you Michelle for following the lead of your IB to make this method available for all of us!

"I had gotten to the point where I asked spirit, “ok, I have all of this knowledge and understanding, but how do I live and navigate every day in this 3D world?” A few days later, I was guided to search for an Abraham Hicks podcast and Michelle’s podcast popped up. I’ve been listening nonstop ever since and have made huge shifts in my daily life based on hearing Michelle tell the stories of how she incorporates Abraham Hicks into her every day experience. Her stories are relatable, voice relaxing, and insight helpful, and I feel like I have a friend on this journey. So appreciative of you, Michelle, for this beautiful and immensely helpful podcast! Thank you for helping me elevate my fun and magical daily experience!" 

Every week I have the experience of perfect timing! Michelle’s message always gives me just what I need at just the right moment, particularly episode 68 about letting go instead of “pushing through.” The concept of *giving it over to the manager* is brilliant and has been life-changing for me, a true control freak who tends to carry the world on her shoulders. Michelle — Thanks for your honesty, your vulnerability, and for sharing your truth with us! You seem to have gained more truth, clarity, and confidence as the episodes have gone on. It’s a delight to watch you unfold (and to receive the valuable lessons you offer!)

I don’t write podcast reviews because I often only listen to a couple episodes and then I lose interest. But this podcast is so simple, direct, and applicable - which gets me out of my head and into real life practice. I love listening while I walk my dog each day and because the information is so useful, I enjoy re-listening! Also, I find her voice to be relatable yet relaxing, which is a plus. 

I have been following the teachings of Abraham for a couple years now but have not fully committed to practicing these teachings until the last two weeks that I have listened to Michelle’s podcast Creating from the Inside Out! She is awesome and really helps to understand the application of the Law of Attraction in everyday life. After listening for just a couple days, something just clicked for me and I am in an incredibly aligned space, as a result! She simplifies these concepts so they are easier to process and use...also her voice is so pleasant! Thank you universe for leading me to this podcast :) 

I am very appreciative. This podcast gives me JUICE. Sometimes Abraham videos can make me feel almost overwhelmed, almost ‘headachey’ - like I want to do it all at once, know I can’t, and get a little... down or frustrated. This podcast helps me feel like- I CAN DO IT TOO. That is.... it’s huge. Thank you Michelle and thank you Abraham. 

Hello, I'm Michelle Waldo. I help people tune into & communicate with their Inner Being, as well as harness the power of the Law of Attraction to create their lives from the inside out.

My work draws on guidance from my own Inner Being, the collective Source consciousness known as Ceylon, as well as a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and many spiritual practices including the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

I am the host of the podcasts Creating From the Inside Out and Following the Call, as well as The Daily Stream on YouTube where I share channeled messages from Ceylon, my own Inner Being.

For the past 18 years I have formally studied a variety of advanced energetic and spiritual practices including the teachings of the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, Shamanism, a unique form of spiritual hypnotherapy, energy medicine, intuition, clairvoyance, Buddhism, Transpersonal Psychology, channeling, many alternative health practices, regression therapy, dream studies, and many more.

Additionally, I am a former two-time Silicon Valley internet startup company CEO, plus I was the principal of an interior design firm for eight years, as well as a brand and marketing consultancy for six years. Prior to that, I worked in marketing and business development in the internet and software industries in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.

Why I Created This Course

I’ve always asked a lot of questions. And I've always had an ability to identify patterns that others don’t recognize about what works, why it works, and how. This ability has lead me to success in many ways, including as a serial entrepreneur and in careers across multiple fields.

Utilizing this approach, I have been observing what works and what doesn’t work in applying energy principles, the Law of Attraction, and the teachings of Abraham Hicks in an effort to become a deliberate creator.

Through my observations, and by tapping into the wisdom of Ceylon, the collective Source consciousness that is my Inner Being, I have developed a series of practices that have helped me significantly.

You see, the Law of Attraction is not what many people believe it is. In order to tap into its power for your benefit, you have to feel good. You have to be in sync with your own Inner Being, the Source part of yourself. And that's what this course is all about. 

In order to manifest your desires, receive wisdom from your Inner Being, and deliberately create your own reality, you need to know how to feel good. Or, at times, feel better when you're feeling off. Because when you know how to do this, you know how to get into the feel-good receiving mode. And when you are in the receiving mode, you are aligned with your Source and Inner Being, that non-physically focused part of you that is guiding you at all times.

And once you learn how to get into the feel-good receiving mode, your vibration and point of attraction changes and all of the things you've been asking for begin flowing to you. And then life starts becoming Magically Delicious!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need special knowledge or a particular background for this course?
No. The course is designed to be used by both beginners as well as those who have been following Abraham Hicks and/or utilizing Law of Attraction and energy principles for years, but want increased results.

How many days does it take to complete the course?
The course consists of 16 daily videos, which are designed to be watched one per day first thing in the morning. If you complete a daily video every day, then you will complete the course in 16 days. That said, some people find that they benefit from repeating a daily video more than once to truly master the practices in that video. So the amount of time you take to complete the course will depend on your own personal progress.

Is there a certain time of day when I should do this course?
I highly recommend that you do the course activities in the morning -- as soon after wake-up as you can. This is because the period after wake-up is the optimal time to start your day off on the best vibrational footing. You can grab a beverage or bite to eat, but I recommend that you don’t check email or social media, start work, drive anywhere, watch the news, or have long conversations until after completing the daily video and any subsequent homework activities.

What happens if I miss a day?
For momentum purposes, it is ideal to watch the course videos on consecutive days. That said, if you need to skip a day or days, you can. When you resume the course just be sure to pick back up with the next video on your list and not skip ahead. This is because each daily video builds on the activities of the previous video --so you will miss key information if you skip ahead.

Can I jump around in the course?
No. Each day of the course is designed to build upon the activities and lessons of the previous day. So it's important to do the course in order from Day 1 to Day 16, and not miss any. Also you only want to complete one video per day as it's important to integrate them into your life slowly.

Do I need anything for this course?
Yes, there are a couple of things you will need. One is a quiet, private place in which to watch the Daily Videos and do the practices. It doesn't need to be fancy, but in many cases you'll be either writing or doing a meditative type practice that will require privacy and the ability to focus. Second, you'll need a way to write things down. If you are a paper and pen person, you'll need two notebooks or journals. If you want to use an electronic device, you can create two separate Word processing files for this purpose.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, I have a seven day refund policy. If you decide this course isn't working for you, send me an email within seven days explaining how you applied this course to your life and the reason for why you believe it isn't a fit. As this is a shorter duration course, I do not offer refunds beyond the seven day cut-off.

Can I download this course or do I need continual internet access?
Unfortunately, the video files in this course are too large, and too many in number, to download. So to do this course, you do need a device that has high speed internet access so you can access the course website and watch the videos.

What happens if I have questions as I'm doing the course? Or questions right now about signing up?
 You can email me with course questions at support@creatingfromtheinsideout.com.

How excited are you about teaching this method to others?
Extremely! I'm thrilled to be able to take others on this journey of learning to feel better now and begin directing your point of focus in a feel-good way to create amazing results in your life. I look forward to seeing you in the course!