Transitions & Change Audio Program

& Change

A channeled audio program from Michelle Waldo & Ceylon on finding peace and alignment during periods of transition & change. 

 Are you embarking on a change or transition in your life right now?

Or perhaps some kind of unwanted change has come to you from what seems like "left field"?

Do you wish you could find your footing during this period?  

Transitions & Change is a channeled audio program from Ceylon that can help you with all of these things. It's designed for people who are embarking on some kind of change in their lives - whether by choice or circumstance.  

This program can help you understand how to feel better and find energetic alignment regarding the change and transition that's happening. It can help you understand the underlying energy and vibration of changes and transitions - and how they work from a vibrational and Source perspective.  

Ultimately, this program can help you understand how to work with periods of change and transition in your life vs. fighting against them.

In the video below I talk more about the Transitions & Change audio program,
how it works, and how it can help you.

Hi, I'm Michelle Waldo

I work with the collective Source consciousness known as Ceylon to help people wake up to & align with the innate power that is within them.

This innate power is your own Source consciousness and Inner Being -- the highest, wisest, broadest part of you --  from which you came before you came into your physical body.

Waking up to and aligning with this part of yourself is a message that will speak to you if it is something you are ready for. It’s something you’ve been wanting at some level of your being.

Maybe you’ve heard other teachers talk about this idea, but you haven’t known how to get there. Or possibly you’ve understood the idea of an Inner Being or your Source conceptually, but you haven’t been able to connect with it at a deeper level. Perhaps you’ve felt as though you have some sense of inner power, but it’s felt blocked in some way. Or maybe you sometimes receive messages from what you think is your Inner Being, but you find it difficult to trust and follow them.

In any case, Ceylon and I can help.

We’ve created teachings, programs, and practices to help you wake up to and start living in alignment with this part of yourself -- your innate Power, your Inner Being, your life force energy. And in doing so, you can ultimately begin creating the life, work, health, abundance, relationships, and creativity that you came into this physical form to experience.

If you are feeling the call, the time is now to begin the journey.

More Information

This 47 minute audio program is designed to be listened to in a quiet, private setting where you can focus deeply in on what is being shared. So when listening, we recommend that you find a comfortable position and then close your eyes, and not listen while you're driving, walking, or doing other activities.  

A few other things...  

This program is directly channeled from Ceylon, and it is designed to be vibrational in nature, so you will likely find yourself feeling a shift in your vibration, mood, and energy as you listen, as well as afterward as you reflect on the information shared and experienced.  It is instructional in nature - meaning that it explains what it means to undergo a period of Transition or Change from an energetic and vibrational standpoint. It helps you understand the purpose of the change and how to work with it.

Finally, this program is designed to be listened to more than once. Thus you will likely find that each time you listen, you will come to understand the information shared at a different vibrational level each time.  

We hope you enjoy this program as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Michelle & Ceylon

What Has Been Said About My Work

Thank you Michelle for yet another life changing course. What a tremendous gift during these challenging times to understand how empowered we are to create our own experience.

 [To someone who is considering this course] I would say, it’s a no-brainer. You owe it to yourself to do it. Why would you not do it. Trust me on this. You really want this. You’re never going to regret it.  

Take it from a current student, this will blow you away.  

Ceylon helped you put together a wonderful life changing course that I am proud to own.  

This course changed my life.  

I would say that this class is one of the most beneficial I’ve ever taken and it’s so beautiful because what you learn is yours for the rest of your life.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the one thing I wanted most: happy peace of mind.  

I cannot even begin to describe what a difference this course has made.  

This course has empowered me.  

[As a result of this program] my whole outlook has changed.

 This has created a big shift for me. And I think it could benefit other people greatly.