Learn To Connect With Your Inner Being Course

Learn a unique and experiential way of connecting and communicating with your Inner Being aka your inner Source collective consciousness via this 21-day, video-based online course.

Have you tried meditation with little or inconsistent results?

Have you wanted to communicate with your own Source consciousness but not known how?

Have you been looking for heightened states of creativity and knowing, but are not sure how to get there?  

Are you an artist, creative, lightworker, energy practitioner, therapist, psychic, or intuitive looking to take your work to the next level? 

Perhaps you've been utilizing methods like Ayahuasca or micro-dosing and you are looking for a safer and more consistent means of accessing altered states of consciousness, or addressing health issues. 

If any of these statements describe you, you are in the right place. This course is PERFECT for you!

What You Will Learn In This Course

What's Included In This Course

21 Step-by-Step Videos

Daily videos that guide you through the process of understanding what communication with your Inner Being looks like, and how to begin connecting and communicating with your Inner Being on a daily basis using the Connecting Inward™ method.

 A Daily Journaling Practice

A Daily Journaling Practice to reflect on your experiences in the course and build momentum in your Connecting Inward™ daily practice.

A Soundtrack Guide

A PDF guide that will help you select a soundtrack that resonates with you, that you can then use in your Connecting Inward™ daily practice.

A Free Facebook Group

A Private Course Facebook Group where you can connect with others using the Connecting Inward™ process, and share your experiences. You can also access FAQs about Connecting Inward and the course .

Daily Practice Tools

A Bonus Video that you can use to kick start your daily Connecting Inward™ practice after completing the course, as well as a Daily Practice Diagram.

Weekly Group Coaching

This course includes a one hour Online Group Coaching Call where I check-in on your progress, answer any questions, and we talk about your Connecting Inward experiences. 

About Me 

Hello, I'm Michelle Waldo. I help people tune into, communicate with & follow their Inner Guidance, as well as harness the power of the Law of Attraction so that they can create their lives from the inside out.

My work draws on the beloved teachings of Abraham Hicks, a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction, years of study of many spiritual practices, and first and foremost, direct guidance from my own Inner Being, the collective Source consciousness known as Ceylon.

I am the host of two podcasts Creating From the Inside Out and Following the Call: Tales of Following Your Inner Guidance. On my YouTube channel I also offer The Daily Stream, in which I share channeled messages from my inner guidance, the collective Source consciousness called Ceylon.

For the past 18 years I have formally studied a variety of energetic and spiritual practices including the teachings of Abraham Hicks, the Law of Attraction, Shamanism, a unique form of spiritual hypnotherapy, energy medicine, intuition, clairvoyance, Buddhism, Transpersonal Psychology, channeling, many alternative health practices, regression therapy, dream studies, and more.

Additionally, I am a former two-time Silicon Valley internet startup company CEO, plus I was the principal of an interior design firm for eight years, as well as a brand and marketing consultancy for six years. Prior to that, I worked in marketing and business development in the internet and software industries in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.

What Students Say About the Course

I love podcasts so I searched for something more about Abraham or from Abraham and was led to Michelle’s “Creating from the Inside Out” podcast.  I really resonated with so much of what she was sharing with us and listened to each of her experiences more than once. They really helped me put the teachings to work more in my own life and another layer of clarity and direction was unfolded for me.
Abraham talks about the importance of meditation and I was doing it kind of regularly and getting some insights but when Michelle created her class “Connecting Inward” I immediately jumped on the opportunity as I was wanting more. More clarity, more direct connection, more alignment and more fun.  The past year has been a huge growth year for me and I’m feeling wonderful and I’m so grateful.  
Since starting with the Connecting Inward class about 52 days ago I can already see that this year is going to be even more fun and amazing.  I have received such huge benefits and this is really the first practice of anything that I’ve done that I can’t wait to do each morning.  One morning I had to miss it and it really pained me.
I would say that this class is one of the most beneficial I’ve ever taken and it’s so beautiful because what you learn is yours for the rest of your life – such a bargain!  

I want to thank Michelle for following her Inner Being thereby helping me connect more directly with my own.  During each of my sessions though, my ultimate connection is with God, Source Energy, the Universe - whatever name you want to call our Creator. 

My Inner Being always brings me back to that and the mind blowing gloriousness of Creation!  
I would hope that everyone would have the blessings of the connection I have learned through this course.-- A.D.

I have had the most amazing journey with your Connecting Inward course. For many years I’d tried to make meditation work for me, but it always just seemed to stir my mind up like a busy hive of bees, rather than calming it down. Connecting Inward gives my inner awareness something to pay attention toand I was pleasantly surprised by how easy I found it to focus on my inner realm and receiving. I only had one session where I stayed in the quieting place and then repeated that lesson the next day, because my mind was too distracted. Every other time, I went to the connecting place and received marvelous messages from my Inner Being!

And the single most valuable lesson I learned with the course is the simplicity and purity of my Inner Being’s messages. She conveys whole realms of meaning and understanding with the simple sight of an animal or the sound of a brook rippling over rocks, or a gesture, or her posture, or a single word, or a pure feeling. I also read tarot cards, and the interpretation process feels very similar...the simplest images, words and meanings convey such pure knowing. For the past couple of years, tarot has been helping me cut through the static and interference of my busy, babbling mind...and 
Connecting Inward has helped me take receiving to an even higher level, so that now I can sense my inner guidance free of so much efforting and overthinking.

[I wrote previously about some other changes in my life...] 
Connecting Inward has helped me progress by leaps and bounds to be able to feel exceptionally good about that path, with no panic about finding a new job right away or doing stuff to push things into place. My Inner Being… assures me it will be really fun and we don’t have to do anything in a hurry, and I believe her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the one thing I wanted most: happy peace of mind. I wish I could send you my whole journal from my time in the course...but as you can see from this email, I love words and my journal is quickly becoming book-length… Now that I can do Connecting Inward on my own, I want to be open to whatever feels best, and all the delightful surprises my inner being sends. – L.S.

I have now completed the Connecting Inward course and am so, so so loving my space and Connecting Inwards sessions! I am excited to go into that space unlike regular meditation where I often felt like it "wasn't really doing much!" I am experiencing many thoughts, ideas and images that I look up the meaning of spiritually and find that my inner being is illuminating the best version of me!!! Great appreciation to this way of being and your teaching! – J.L.
I cannot even begin to describe what a difference the course has made. In the past I was able to communicate with my Inner Being sporadically, but I knew that it could be so much more. The course was exactly what I had been asking for. It feels like it was the perfect thing that allowed everything to click into place. Anytime I think of something, I receive the answer very quickly. I truly feel like the course has made such a difference and I now have complete faith that my Inner Being is answering every question. Thank you so much for sharing the Connecting Inward process. – D.I.

The Connecting Inward course spoke to me right away because I knew there had to be an easier way to meditate. Having tried to calm my mind as suggested by Abraham Hicks only provided mixed results. My thoughts usually kept on wandering anyway and then using effort to keep them in check proofed very frustrating. I was amazed by Michelle’s new revolutionary way of just following simple steps to reach that quiet state in such a natural and pleasant way. Too my amazement I then encountered my Inner Being in such an emotionally charged way, revealing not only an identity but also a name. What followed was a series of the most intimate encounters with my IB that just blew me away. Sensing its unconditional love enabled me trust it right away all the way. All this happened during the course in less than one month and now it it gets better and better every day! Thank you Michelle for following the lead of your IB to make this method available for all of us! - S.B.

The course was great, I really enjoyed it! I've been meditating for a long time using various techniques and have had a myriad of experiences…  My communication with my IB has been intense, which is so interesting because I have channeled before - but … it has brought a whole new level of information coming through. So thank you for your lovely course, I'm so enjoying working with my IB and having these amazing experiences. - RK

What Others Say About My Podcasts

Life Changing!
"I had gotten to the point where I asked spirit, “ok, I have all of this knowledge and understanding, but how do I live and navigate every day in this 3D world?” A few days later, I was guided to search for an Abraham Hicks podcast and Michelle’s podcast popped up. I’ve been listening nonstop ever since and have made huge shifts in my daily life based on hearing Michelle tell the stories of how she incorporates Abraham Hicks into her every day experience. Her stories are relatable, voice relaxing, and insight helpful, and I feel like I have a friend on this journey. So appreciative of you, Michelle, for this beautiful and immensely helpful podcast! Thank you for helping me elevate my fun and magical daily experience!" - Bob Again

Every Episode Comes At  the Right Time

Every week I have the experience of perfect timing! Michelle’s message always gives me just what I need at just the right moment, particularly episode 68 about letting go instead of “pushing through.” The concept of *giving it over to the manager* is brilliant and has been life-changing for me, a true control freak who tends to carry the world on her shoulders. Michelle — Thanks for your honesty, your vulnerability, and for sharing your truth with us! You seem to have gained more truth, clarity, and confidence as the episodes have gone on. It’s a delight to watch you unfold (and to receive the valuable lessons you offer!) - Groganch

 Next Level Podcast
"I have followed many groups and listened to a lot of podcasts covering the Teaching of Abraham but no message resonates more with me than the insights of Michelle Waldo. Listening to her podcast is like listening to a longtime friend that gives you an update on her life. Doing so, she explains in detail how she came to certain conclusions - and the best part - she equally shares her learning experiences. It makes it so more tangible for me as I can rely perfectly upon the topics she covers... Bottom line: if you are looking at ways to learn how to apply the Teachings of Abraham in your daily life, this is the podcast that will help you along the way!" - Miche_Thrive

Love This Podcast!
I don’t write podcast reviews because I often only listen to a couple episodes and then I lose interest. But this podcast is so simple, direct, and applicable - which gets me out of my head and into real life practice. I love listening while I walk my dog each day and because the information is so useful, I enjoy re-listening! Also, I find her voice to be relatable yet relaxing, which is a plus. - deedee629

Incredibly Helpful!
I have been following the teachings of Abraham for a couple years now but have not fully committed to practicing these teachings until the last two weeks that I have listened to Michelle’s podcast Creating from the Inside Out! She is awesome and really helps to understand the application of the Law of Attraction in everyday life. After listening for just a couple days, something just clicked for me and I am in an incredibly aligned space, as a result! She simplifies these concepts so they are easier to process and use...also her voice is so pleasant! Thank you universe for leading me to this podcast :) - Kaawalla

 Everyday Companion
I am very appreciative. This podcast gives me JUICE. Sometimes Abraham videos can make me feel almost overwhelmed, almost ‘headachey’ - like I want to do it all at once, know I can’t, and get a little... down or frustrated. This podcast helps me feel like- I CAN DO IT TOO. That is.... it’s huge. Thank you Michelle and thank you Abraham. - AllieCat

Why I Created This Course

Many years ago, I realized that I could tap into a sense of “inner knowing” that my logical mind didn’t provide. In those days, this knowing came as a sudden flash of insight and wisdom. Move here. Stay there. Do this thing. Look at this situation this way. And when I followed that knowing, my life fell into place in wonderful ways that I couldn’t have anticipated.

 For example, after plans with a friend fell through on a trip to Europe, I decided to stay in Italy rather than head back to the U.S. as planned. That decision came from deep within me and although it made no logical sense at the time, it led me to have one of the most amazing times of my life living in Rome.

Another time was when I visited San Francisco for the first time and felt a blast of definitive KNOWING that this is where I should live. That led me to return home and not long after, pack up my belongings and move across the United States from Pennsylvania to California even though I didn’t have a job, a place to live, or know anyone there.

Another time, after years of working in the technology industry in Silicon Valley, I felt a sense of knowing about a unique new internet solution. This led me to found an internet startup company where as CEO, I raised money from investors, hired and managed an executive management team, and gained business experience that I could have never foreseen using my logical mind.

Deepening My Connection to My Inner Knowing

After many years of experiencing these flashes of knowing, I started trusting my intuition. I started calling myself “intuitive.” But I wanted to understand it more. I wanted to learn where this knowing came from and how it worked. And I wanted to know how I could sometimes tap into it and other times I couldn’t.

Because of these questions, around 2001, I felt a strong calling to study intuition and other methods of tapping into one’s own inner knowing and wisdom. First, I studied with a teacher who taught intuition and clairvoyance. Next, I entered an intense multi-year period of study of Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Buddhism, Hypnotherapy, channeling, and many other spiritual and metaphysical practices. And I read book after book on all things spiritual and inner guidance, immersing myself in knowledge on this topic.

And through those activities, bit by bit, I added more to my understanding of where my “intuition” was coming from. I came to understand that in those moments, my intuition was coming from a broader, wiser part of myself. Back in those days I called that my part of myself my higher self or my spirit guide.

During that time, I deepened my own practice of communicating with this inner, wiser part of myself. Additionally, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Counselor and I began teaching my clients how to tap into their own inner wisdom to gain insights on matters related to their careers, business, relationships, health, and more. And while my work during this period was enjoyable, something was missing and so my inner knowing called me to the next chapter of my life.

 Utilizing My Guidance For My Own Creativity

I’d been feeling the need to be more creative and so when a personal situation caused me and my husband to move to my home state of Pennsylvania to be closer to my family, I entered an intense period of communication with my inner knowing about what kind of work I should do there. In time, the clarity came to start a interior design firm, which I ran successfully for eight years. During that period, I continued utilizing some of the tools I had learned from my previous spiritual and energy studies. But I also did more than that. During this period, I started seeing how, in states of creativity, I could tap into my inner knowing on my design projects.

Using this ability, I began designing interior spaces that my clients and I both loved. In fact, I would sometimes sit in these spaces after they were complete and ask myself how I created them. Because even though I was the one who designed them, it seemed as if I was the receiver of the design as much as the one creating the design. And yet I knew that no other person was involved in my work.

That period of my life was one of focus on creativity. It was one where I asked myself the question: how do we turn on our creative flow? How do we tap into that flow when we sit down to work on our creative projects? During this period, I also felt awe as I achieved a lifelong dream of writing a book. It was in that same "knowing" flow state that I sat down and wrote a 65,000 word novel in six weeks. I was blown away!

Utilizing My Guidance For Health & Other Life Changes

This period of my life was also about studying a different type of creativity. The creativity of the human experience – parenthood. I observed my experience as my husband and I struggled to conceive a child and then finally did. Twice.

 During this period, I was busy being a new mom, and because of some health challenges in myself and my family members, I learned how to use my inner guidance to find solutions on health matters. At the time, the health guidance seemed unrelated to creativity, but now I understand that those experiences were another form of me learning to tune into and follow my inner guidance on all things – not just my creative projects.

 And after that, I felt the call of my inner guidance once again to make more changes. First it was to return to my technology roots and start a new internet company. Then it was about moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area. Later it was to quit my startup to help my elementary age son due to some challenges he was experiencing in school.

Pairing My Inner Guidance With the Teachings of Abraham Hicks

Not long after that, I had started intently listening to the teachings of Abraham Hicks and really resonating with it. The teachings seemed to explain much of what I’d experienced in life, but often couldn’t put words to. This experience led me to a decision. A decision to practice the teachings of Abraham Hicks on a day to day basis. Because even though I’d been listening to the teachings incessantly, I realized I wasn’t incorporating them into my daily life the way that I could be.

 And so I went through a period of applying what I learned from Abraham Hicks while simultaneously tapping into wisdom from my own inner guidance. By this point, my method of communicating with my own inner guidance had evolved. And yet once again, I took what I had learned in my previous studies and morphed it for my own daily purposes. I incorporated new things that worked for me, and discarded old practices that didn’t serve me anymore.

 And based on Abraham’s influence, I began referring to my inner guidance or higher self or spirit guide(s) as my Inner Being. And I began regularly communicating with my Inner Being using this evolved method – tapping into insights and wisdom and knowledge. Many times, what my Inner Being shared furthered what I heard from Abraham. Other times, I’d receive insights that I’d never heard from Abraham before.

 A Call To Share What I Was Experiencing and Learning

This method of practicing Abraham Hicks’ teachings in my daily life, and communicating with my Inner Being in a daily practice of my own design, led me to my strongest calling yet. To create a podcast about practicing the teachings of Abraham Hicks and tapping into your own inner guidance. And so I embarked on an intense period of adopting and applying Abraham’s teachings, while simultaneously tuning into my own Inner Being as often as I could.

 And in doing so, my communication with my Inner Being grew even stronger. I realized that some of the things I had done in my previous communications led to unclear answers, whereas new ways of approaching the communications led to clarity and an expanded perspective.

 As I started sharing in my podcast my experiences communicating with my Inner Being in the very experiential way that I’d evolved over the years, I started receiving emails from listeners who wanted to do the same thing.

 A Call to Teach Others This Method

I’d always sensed that I wanted to share my method of communicating with my Inner Being. But at first, I wasn’t sure how. I mean, how do you take countless hours of study and reflection and focus over 17 years and teach that to someone in a short period of time?

 And then one day, my Inner Being communicated the answer to me. I began getting clear guidance on a step by step process for teaching this method. And my Inner Being even gave me a name for it – Connecting Inward.

Over a series of months, my Inner Being literally streamed to me detail after detail after detail of how to share my method with others in a step by step fashion. The result of all of that is my Connecting Inward™ - Learn to Connect With Your Inner Being Course. I hope you enjoy it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any specific knowledge or training to do this course?
No. The course covers everything you need to know and it guides you step by step through the process of Connecting Inward™. The only thing you want to have in place is a desire to start communicating with your Inner Being.

What are the benefits of communicating with my Inner Being using the Connecting Inward™ method?
The benefits are profound and immeasurable. By developing a daily Connecting Inward™ practice, you can gain valuable and life-changing insights and wisdom from your Inner Being on a range of topics. Additionally, the more you connect and communicate with your Inner Being, the more guidance and insights you will receive. My life has changed immeasurably in all areas because of this practice.

I already have a meditation practice. Why should I do this?
Because classic meditation and this are very different. In classic meditation you are simply quieting your mind, allowing your vibration to rise. In Connecting Inward, I teach you not just how to quiet your mind so that your vibration can rise, I teach you the art of allowing. I teach you how to begin allowing that which your Inner Being is offering you already that you aren't recognizing yet. I teach you how to translate and expand this allowing and in turn, begin communicating with your own Inner Being in a very short time period. Read some comments from previous students to understand this more.

Can Connecting Inward help me with my creativity and career goals?
Absolutely. Once you begin tuning into and communicating with your Inner Being using this manner, you will receive guidance and heightened states of knowing in all areas of your life, especially in your creativity and work. Your Inner Being knows everything you want and therefore will guide you regarding all matters in your life, but the matter of creativity is one that you can see profound changes in immediately. This is because authentic creativity is born from alignment with Source consciousness and allowing energy to flow. And that is what you begin doing using the Connecting Inward method.

How does this method compare to the use of LSD micro-dosing and other methods of expanded consciousness, including Ayahuasca ?
There is simply no comparison. Connecting Inward is hands-down a better choice than any chemical substance. That is because in Connecting Inward you are learning how to allow the altered states of consciousness in safe and nurturing ways. It is what your Inner Being will naturally guide you to do once you begin allowing the communication.

When you use micro-dosing, other chemical substances, or Ayahuasca, you are artificially creating a pathway to a partial state of consciousness that does not remain with you after the substance leaves your system. That is why you have to keep taking the substance in order to experience the benefits. With Connecting Inward, you receive the benefits of expanded consciousness evermore. The benefits are not time-limited.

Additionally, there are zero side effects. The process of connecting and communicating with your Inner Being in this manner is often described as an extremely joyful, ecstatic experience. It can be truly profound and beautifully intense and one of the most important experiences of your life.

I studied Shamanism for many years and worked as a Shamanic counselor and I never opted to take Ayahuasca because of the inherent dangers that I knew could be part of the experience. I also utilized LSD as a naive teenager and almost lost my life from the experience. I value the experience in that opened me up to the idea of altered states of consciousness, but it was extremely dangerous. It however is part of what ultimately what led me on a 30-year quest to understand consciousness more. And that is what lead me to recently share the Connecting Method with others after evolving it and utilizing it formally for my own personal purposes for the past 18 years.

What if I tried meditation previously and it didn't work?
I get it! I too didn't resonate with classic meditation for many years. So if you tried meditation and it didn't work for you or you found it difficult, then Connecting Inward is a wonderful solution for you. This is because the Connecting Inward process helps you focus in a different way than classic meditation, and for most people it's easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Plus I guide you step by step through the process so that you increase your focus each day of the course.

How many days does it take to complete the course?
The course consists of 21 daily videos, which are designed to be watched one per day first thing in the morning. If you complete a daily video every day, then you will complete the course in 21 days. That said, during the course there are times when I may recommend that you repeat a video. This can happen once or many times, depending upon your own personal pace. So in that case, the course would take longer to complete.

How much time do I need to allow for this course each day?
The course videos range from 20 to 37 minutes in duration, although the majority of them are 30 minutes or less. Plus, I ask you to spend a minimum of 5 minutes per day journaling after completing your daily video. So you can expect to spend about 30 to 45 minutes per day on course activities.

Is there a certain time of day when I should do this course?
I highly recommend that you do the course activities in the morning -- as soon after wake-up as you can. This is because the period after wake-up is the optimal time to quiet your mind and begin connecting with your Inner Being. You can grab a beverage or bite to eat, but I recommend that you don’t check email or social media, start work, drive anywhere, watch the news, or have long conversations until after completing the daily video and journaling activity.

What happens if I miss a day?
For momentum purposes, it is ideal to watch the course videos on consecutive days. That said, if you need to skip a day or days, you can. When you resume the course just be sure to pick back up with the next video on your list and not skip ahead. This is because each daily video builds on the activities of the previous video --so you will miss key information if you skip ahead.

Can I jump around in the course?
No. Each day of the course is designed to build upon the activities of the previous day. So it's important to do the course in order from Day 1 to Day 21, and not miss any. Also you only want to complete one video per day.

Do I need anything for this course?
Yes, there are a few things you will need. First you'll need an MP3 audio soundtrack. I will give specific guidance in the Day 1 video on how to select this soundtrack. You also will need two devices - one to play the daily video and one to play the MP3 soundtrack - plus two sets of earbud style headphones with good sound quality. Additionally, you will need a notebook or journal if you plan to journal on paper, plus a quiet, private, and comfortable space to do the course activities. I explain all of these items in detail in the Getting Started Unit of the course.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, I have a seven day refund policy. If you decide this course isn't working for you, send me an email within seven days explaining how you applied this course to your life and the reason for why you believe it isn't a fit. As this is a shorter duration course, I do not offer refunds beyond the seven day cut-off.

Can I download this course or do I need continual internet access?
Unfortunately, the video files in this course are too large, and too many in number, to download. So to do this course, you do need one device that has high speed internet access so you can access the course website and watch the videos, open supporting files, etc.

What happens if I have questions as I'm doing the course?
The course Facebook group has a Frequently Asked Questions section that I will be updating regularly as students move through the course. You also can email me with course questions at

How does the group coaching call work?
Each week I'll do a Group Coaching Call that you can participate in to discuss your experiences, ask questions, etc. If you can't make the call, you can submit your question in advance and watch the recording.

I have a question about signing up for the course. How can I reach you?
Email me at

How excited are you about teaching this method to others?
Extremely! I'm thrilled to be able to take others on this journey of learning to connect with their Inner Being in this way. I look forward to seeing you in the course and the course Facebook group!